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Come visit us!!

At the TOY BOX, we are always excited when you walk inside the store ... we KNOW that children are in awe seeing all the joyful and creative items, parents are comforted knowing their children are surrounded by quality choice toys and gifts that will foster creativity and learning while encouraging lighthearted play, grandparents are stoked as they see a mix of new and classic, high school and college kids are amazed to find so many games and gifty items they love, and everybody is reminded of their ever-present inside child. Often customers will play around goofily - and just smile and laugh and laugh!

All that said, right now we are keeping our play table and all demonstration games and gifts under wraps as the less touching the healthier. So yes, PLEASE do come in, PLEASE get goofy, but also know that we encourage using our website, Facebook page, or good old phone for toy-consultation and then make use of our curbside pickup, delivery, or shipping offerings. We want you happy and healthy!



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